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[Welcome to The Buffed Garden]

Definition - BUFFED: adj (slang)- having good muscle tone; physically fit and trim.
A garden is a visual symphony, a melodious masterpiece that reaches down and brings balance to the human psyche. It’s like listening to a well composed concerto and trying to absorb every detailed note, every melody, and each harmony. Such complexities bring a sense of wonder and awe.

Each season brings it’s own rhapsody - a deluge of growth and colors that transpires the visible and invisible color palate. Like a jazz tune, every flower and leaf blade combine in wild and untamed complex magnificence to usher in the simplicity of balance. The rhythm of the changing seasons is a metronome that keeps life on beat. In other words, change is the only constant.

For those of you who know me, you already know that I am fascinated with plants and landscapes. You know that I have a jungle on my patio, and you know that the plants there just keep growing. While others may have “their space” on the web, this website is “my garden” that I would like to personally share with all of you. So stop on by and chill for a little bit. Grab a cup of coffee, get inspired, and most of all, enjoy.

Welcome to "The Buffed Garden."

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The Buffed Garden™- Web Launch Date: 4.11.06
Hence: The "411" of the garden world. [WORD]


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